Failed to load zfs modules

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zfs modules install failed on Ubuntu 19.10 with Kernel 5.4RC2. zfs modules installed ok on Ubuntu 19.10 with Kernel 5.3.0-13 - same hardware, different partition, ... See "systemctl status zfs-load-module.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.
The module manually by ruuing 'insmod /zfs.ko' ... i am linux newbie i use SUSE Enterprise Server 11 SP1 (x86_64) Kernel is i setup spl and zfs done then i try to zfs create , then show Failed to load ZFS module stack.
The ZFS module supports these parameters: dbuf_cache_max_bytes=ULONG_MAXB (ulong ... Controls the failure behavior when the deadman detects a "hung" I/O operation. ... This limit is only enforced at module load time, and will be ignored if zfs_dirty_data_max is later changed. This parameter takes ...
Next, add the module to the kernel tree. $ sudo dkms add -m ixgbe -v 4.3.15. Or simply: $ sudo dkms add ixgbe/4.3.15. Build the specified module against the currently running kernel. $ sudo dkms build -m ixgbe -v 4.3.15. Or: $ sudo dkms build ixgbe/4.3.15. Finally, install the module under the current kernel tree.
I try to configure self hosted Gitlab and Gitlab runner, both run on docker based on this and this on Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS with engine (not the distro package). I test the deployment by mirroring some projects from and to see whether the pipeline run normally or not.. Unfortunately, all pipeline jobs on self hosted runner always failed when the job using docker:dind ...